Friday, 17 December 2010

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas Cards! - Update

I'd previously posted about my handmade Christmas cards, well today my co-ordinating envelopes arrived! . . .

I LOVE: Rosehip Cards

My order of 3 A6 notebooks from Rosehip Cards arrived today and I was not disappointed! Rosehip Cards produce notebooks, giftwrap and other pieces of vintage inspired stationery that are made from recycled paper and beautifully designed! I originally bought these notebooks as a gift but i'm thinking they may be rather hard to give away!

Bird Giftcards

Recently I was applying for some work as a childrens illustrator and decided to build my portfolio in this area slightly by creating some simple vector illustrations of birds - designed to be bright and colourful to appeal to children. After i'd finished them I felt they would lend themselves well to the giftcard medium and printed them onto 15x15 cm cards. The designs themselves are based around 4 birds and use 3 colours only with various shapes and textures.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Christmas Cards!

I created these Christmas cards by making a freehand drawing then working it up on the computer to produce a duo-coloured image designed to be hand printed onto thick, textured card. The cards come in a set of 3, each one a different colour combination and are bound together by a paper band.

Above: My original drawings.

I LOVE: Yellow Owl Workshop

I recently came across Yellow Owl Workshop and their amazing selection of stationary, such as gift cards, stamps and postcards. Their limited edition paper goods are made lovingly by hand and the company endevours to create eco-friendly products!

My CV - 2010 version

As I have a love of paper, I styled my 2010 CV around the idea of paper recycling and used 12 different types of stock in total, using printed papers, textured papers, vintage papers and handmade papers.

The CV was separated into 2 sections that folded over to create an A6 booklet which made viewing my CV section and Portfolio section simultaneously possible.